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Cataloguing App

Safe and Securely Network your Systems.

A fully customisable interface to an encryptable database.

Date related invoicing system for time period
payment arrangements and social activities listings.
Introductory free download till January 30th 2019
for lifetime license and service – once only price
only till January 30th 2019 :- $9.95 AUDcomodo_secure_seal_76x26_transp.png (6,200 bytes)

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Flawless Collaboration

With each of those codes working together we have a very flexible application with the user in mind and security in privacy.
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Cataloguing all the websites that
you need to access, all the phone
numbers you need to remember,
all the e-mail addresses, all the
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Some of the magic attributes of
the app is the ability to keep track
of fees for timed periods.

Compared to yesteryear technologies have advanced a lot more than we have advanced sociably. We all need help to be socially aware people, and an excellent tool as an application you can access from any device on the planet in nineteen different languages.

seated typeing with mobile phone

World-Class Activities.

The application can be used with nineteen languages, so sharing
information is so much easier in a comfort of your own language
zone. Import and Export SQL scripts encrypted or not.
A simple way of describing the App; it as an offline digital encrypted diary with the internet

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Fast & Easy Work
Setting up a personalised interface
to a database has ever been easier,

data entry can be replication of
previous entry and modification;
or a standard data entry.

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Create E-mail system’s

There are numerous e-mail
systems already set up and
needing only personalised
information to process.


This application SaSnys (Safe and Securly Network your Systems) allows you to access your
personal information and use it in real time applications, features like double clicking data
entries with computed events from social sites (facebook,linkedIn) Skype phone, e-mail links
to local e-mailing program, website links to default browser, Google search engine find, copy
info to clipboard and anything else you would like to set up.

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There are three SaSNyS

Version 1 runs in windows 7 8 10.

Version 2 runs in an apache webserver with SSL, can be viewed on any machine including mobile phones, iPads and android Tablets.

Version 3 runs in a local server with MySQL with access through all network machines including mobile phones and iPads and android Tablet.

Version 4 runs in wordpress in its own page with all the same attributes of the ver 2 and ver 3.

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Customised labelling for application interface.
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Menu style

Menu is configurable to comfortably
peruse through thousands of
records instantly.
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Data entry

The data entry has no restrictions in data entry and labelling.
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The application's titles are written to display information about all attributes.

As well as three PDF files for description and record examples in installation folder, with installed shortcuts.
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Updates will be available when created for all versions from the registration address.

Download Now

As an introduction download and trial the windows version for 30 days
Contact the registration web site for information of phone application..

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